Monthly Archives: July 2011

Bottichelli Storage Boom


This week it seems everyone is getting their storage organised as Bottichelli Storage Tubs have been flying out! We have to admit they are SO useful, they’re the ultimate organiser and being available in six sizes you’ll find more than one use for them! It seems we are not alone as several customers return for more as they keep finding new jobs and places for them.

So whether its bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or gardens Bottichelli makes itself  indispensable; choose you colour and sizes and enjoy a tidy organised home.



Salad Has Never Looked So Good!

This week we thought we’d share with you the process that every Koziol product goes through, from the original sketches through to the presentation of the final design. We’ve chosen the beautiful Leaf bowl with integrated servers designed by London based Cairn Young.

After a satisfying dinner the designer sat back contendly and wrapped his hands across his stomach inspring the bowl and servers; from sketches and the prototypes through to the final steel mould, each stage is tested and manipulated until the perfect bowl is created.


I think you’ll agree this is one gorgeous bowl – salad has never looked so good !


Mixxx-ing It Up!


Mixxx have just landed and we’ve got to say we’re impressed. They’re a range of bowls with two stabilising feet and a handle, making general prep and mixing tasks easier;  they have a pouring spout making transferring batter or liquids a whole lot easier and mess free, and when not in use they nest together for space-saving storage and if that wasn’t enough they’re dishwasher safe too! It makes you wonder why all mixing bowls aren’t the same!