Visit To The Happiness Factory Part One

Tuesday morning we arrived at the Koziol Glucksfabric, factory, museum, shop and cafe all under one roof. The museum tour was our first stop and we were very lucky to be shown around by Daniel Koziol, the latest member of the family to join the business.

The tour began once we stepped through the time tunnel, complete with Austin Powers swirling walls and tv footage of important historical events through the years. So we travelled back through time to the beginning where we learned all about the family and how the company has evolved to become what it is today.

You can see the very first injection moulds they made, then later see the modern version in action producing stock, carefully watched over by vigilant staff.

Apart from learning the manufacturing process, which really makes you appreciate how much time, effort and faith in the design of each product is taken before a product even sees the light of day. An injection mould alone costs thousands of pounds to make! We really loved the interactive elements of the museum, from seeing how early items were all hand painted to the little happiness stamps you add to your personal tour card as you progress through the museum.

But our all time favourite is the story of how the deer snow globe was inspired. Whilst driving home in the snow one night in his VW Beetle car Bernard Koziol (Stefan’s brother) saw a deer scampering across the road in his rear view mirror. Due to the curved shape of the VW’s rear window and the snow fluttering down, the first ever snow globe was inspired and created. In the museum you can sit in the car and experience for yourself what Bernard saw as they have re-created this magical moment, you even get a speeding ticket photo of yourself as a momento!

Finally the tour ends with the 4 different types of plastic used in all Koziol products with a product underneath so you can see the properties, flexible, rigid, translucent etc and you enter the shop where you are treated to an explosion of colourful products available to buy – we found it very difficult to not leave with arms full of products, sadly our baggage allowance wouldn’t allow.

We could talk about this all day and highly recommend a visit to see it for yourself!


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