Monthly Archives: October 2013

Kitchen Kings


It’s nearly November and lots of people have started thinking gifts and even considering the ‘C’ word. We know it’s early but Christmas does have a way or creeping up on you, one minute it’s weeks away and the next it’s a few days! So we’ve decided to start a list of great gifts, Kitchen Kings is our first we’ll add a new idea or two each week to hopefully inspire and help. We all know Christmas is a whole lot less stressful when you’ve made your mind up what to buy.

So number 1, Herby Brothers – Protect fingers whilst finely chopping herbs with this fun pair. They see-saw over herbs, chocolate, dried fruits, peppers and sundried tomatoes slicing as they rock, taking away all the effort leaving you with sliced & diced herbs or veggies.

Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic with a stainless steel blade, the Herby Brothers are designed and made in Germany. These stylish brothers will raise a smile every time they’re used. Presented in a clear gift box, making them easy to wrap, Herby Brothers are a perfect gift for both men and women who love to cook.

That’s all for now, more great gift ideas later this week…


All Hail The Frog King!

3713003 king bottle openers

A great little gift, we just love this Frog King bottle opener. His winning smile prizes open bottle after bottle! Available in 3 eye catching colours, this fun bottle opener is made from 100% recyclable plastic with a stainless steel smile and crown. He stands on his own two feet until you need him to open another bottle.

An all round great guy and the perfect party guest!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

6235305 koziol black forest snow globe

A new update on one of Koziol’s very first products, Black Forest is the latest snow globe from the Koziol factory. The First ever Dream Globe was designed in 1950, when on his drive home Bernhard saw a deer pause in the middle of the road in his rear view mirror. Due to the curved shaped of his VW Beetle rear window and the snow falling around the deer, the Dream Globe was born!

This Black Forest version features a striking black stag in the centre and is filled with pure Odenwald spring water, straight from the factory well. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, they’re already proving to be popular, so get your Dream Globe while you can, we’ve got a feeling they won’t be around for long!