Kitchen Kings


It’s nearly November and lots of people have started thinking gifts and even considering the ‘C’ word. We know it’s early but Christmas does have a way or creeping up on you, one minute it’s weeks away and the next it’s a few days! So we’ve decided to start a list of great gifts, Kitchen Kings is our first we’ll add a new idea or two each week to hopefully inspire and help. We all know Christmas is a whole lot less stressful when you’ve made your mind up what to buy.

So number 1, Herby Brothers – Protect fingers whilst finely chopping herbs with this fun pair. They see-saw over herbs, chocolate, dried fruits, peppers and sundried tomatoes slicing as they rock, taking away all the effort leaving you with sliced & diced herbs or veggies.

Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic with a stainless steel blade, the Herby Brothers are designed and made in Germany. These stylish brothers will raise a smile every time they’re used. Presented in a clear gift box, making them easy to wrap, Herby Brothers are a perfect gift for both men and women who love to cook.

That’s all for now, more great gift ideas later this week…


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