Crystal Clear at Koziol


The little bit of sunshine has us gearing up for summer already! I know it’s still actually pretty cold but you know us Brits, the first bit of sunshine and we’re out making the most of it! Plus it’s always best to be prepared so that we can take full advantage. My preparations began with Crystal, a beautiful jug with matching tumblers in 2 sizes; obviously I need both sizes, one for water and one for Pimms!
The design of Crystal is based upon the look of polished cut glass, but made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic. So you get all the glamour and style but in a modern more hard wearing material, that’s just perfect for outdoor entertaining!

The jug comes with a lid that has two filters, one for straining ice cubes, fruit, mint etc (perfect for that Pimms) and the other is a free flow. The tumblers will insulate both hot and cold drinks, making them ideal if the evening turns a little chilly and suitable for year ’round use. There’s a salad bowl and servers and small individual bowls all available in various colours, so you can mix and match or go for one colour, I’m loving the new aqua colour, which reminds me of that lovely rich colour of the ocean when you’re on holiday overseas.
Finally they are all dishwasher safe, practical and pretty!


So now all I need is some of that sunshine!


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