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An Apple A Day…

3217828 tyler green apple slicer

We all know we need to eat our five a day, it’s just some of us find it a little harder than others and I’m not just talking about children here, I certainly know plenty of grown-ups who kick up a fuss when faced with a plate of green things! They need a gimmick or an incentive to spur them on because sometimes a whole apple is a little too much to face.

Well to those people I say your prayers have been answered – meet Tyler!
This fun apple cutter slices apples into 9 manageable pieces, some are even bite sized! Perfect for encouraging kids big and small to eat up. What’s more Tyler cores apples at the same time, so need to nibble around pips. Tyler is so easy to use, position his smiling mouth over your apple and press down, voila! Apple slices ready to eat.


The Shadow of Salad

New for spring summer 2014 is this beautiful Shadow salad bowl and servers. Available in two colours, a white bowl with lime green servers or an anthracite bowl with black salad servers, this stylish set is made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic and both the bowl and servers are dishwasher safe. The beautiful and unusual design of the bowl allows the servers to slot into the cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl and it’s all presented in a smart gift box, making it an ideal present.

The distinctive cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl is carried through to the servers and the whole set has an abstract, natural nature feel to it. Designed by Rodolfo Argella, Shadow is a great addition to the Koziol catalogue, we just can’t decide which colour we like best!

3869100 koziol shadow green & white salad bowl

3869101 shadow anthracite salad bowl