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The Aroma of Coffee


Perfect mornings start with a relaxing coffee in your favourite cup or mug enjoyed with a leisurely breakfast, maybe a read of the paper or whilst listening to your chosen radio station. Sadly not all mornings can be perfect. There are those mornings when you’re lucky that you manage to comb your hair or put on shoes before leaving the house. Those rushed ‘I’m going to be late’ mornings are not really the way most of us want to begin our days but sometimes they just happen.

Those mornings are the ones where we really need that coffee and breakfast but we rush out of the door unable to spare the time. That’s when Aroma To Go really comes into action. This fun mug has a snug fitting lid so you can take your morning coffee (or tea) with you and because it’s thermal it’ll keep your drink hotter for longer!

koziol raspberry aroma to go insulated cup

When you do have the time to have that leisurely coffee then nothing beats a lovely large Aroma Latte cup. New additions to the colour palette for 2016 is mint green and cool grey, both lovely relaxing colours that will ease you into your day.




Father’s Day Gift List

Father’s Day is almost upon us – Sunday 19th! If you haven’t already decided upon a gift for your dad then this is the blog for you! We’ve gathered together our favourite Koziol dad gifts with price tags to suit all budgets to inspire you…

john smart phone holder lifestyle

koziol orange aroma to go cup

Packshot, Still


Packshot, Still


3211526 koziol sahsa knife black lge



So don’t forget dad this weekend, show him the love he deserves and treat him to something he’ll love forever.