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Top 5 Stocking Fillers

With December here it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! There’s lots of Christmas shoppers about, some people are even telling us that they’ve finished?! Far too organised (we’re secretly just very jealous!) So to lend a hand and offer up some inspiration, even if it’s just for us!

Here’s our top selling 5 stocking fillers, all £10 and under.


Mimi Cat Tea Strainer

Mimi Cat Tea Strainer

At only £6.50 Mimi Tea strainer is a big hit. Just fill this cute kitty with your favourite brew then pop her into your cup or mug, her paws will hook over the edge then add hot water to enjoy a perfect brew every-time!


Pip set of 6 cocktail stirrers

This set of 6 bird cocktail stirrers are just perfect for those family and friend gatherings over the festive period. Each set of six contains a mix of colours, so they can be used as glass markers and their extra long tails are great for reaching to the bottom of tall drinks. Pip cocktail stirrers are just £7.00 a set.

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers

Made to cover cups and glasses when eating outdoors these Leaf On bowls have also become a huge hit at parties, when people are standing. Pop a Leaf bowl over your glass and it can be used for snacks, nibbles and finger foods. Each pack of 4 contains a mix of colours so they can also be used as drink identifiers too.

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers are £7.75 a set

6212446.jpg happiness dream globe

Happiness Dream Globe

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive scene. This Happiness snow globe is the perfect way to set that scene. Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, each snow globe is made using spring water from the Odenwald well. So let it snow this Christmas with the Happiness Dream Globe £10

Ringo Mouse ring holder

Ringo Mouse ring holder

Let Ringo look after your rings, his extra long tail has plenty of storage room and his pre-pierced ears can even store a pair of earings. Place beside sinks in kitchens and bathrooms or use in the bedroom and you’ll never lose your rings again! Available in various colours,  Ringo is just £7.25. He’s the only mouse I’d like to find in my stocking!

So there we have it, we ho ho hope we’ve helped!



Happiness Dreams

6212446.jpg happiness dream globe

Spread a little happiness this Christmas with this funky Dream Globe! Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, each snow globe is made using Odenwald spring water from the Koziol factory well. This Happiness Dream Globe features three deer set against a starry sky, just shake to make it snow and set this glorious winter scene.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some snow!


Hubert Needs a Home This Christmas


New for autumn/winter 2014 is Hubert. This stylish stag is a jewellery organiser, his extra large antlers have plenty of space for rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles and his pre-pierced ears will store a pair of earings. Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, Hubert looks great even when he’s not draped in jewellery.


Kitchen Queens

As promised another great gift idea, this week it’s all about the ladies….
From the beautiful Audrey flower tea strainer to jewellery storage from Pip & Cora there’s something for everyone!

First up is Audrey, this pretty flower is a loose tea strainer. Place over the top of your mug or cup and fill with your favourite brew then just add hot water, sit back and enjoy your cuppa made in style! Audrey is available in various colours and comes with a leaf stand for when she’s not in use.

koziol audrey green flower tea strainer

Next is Pip trinket tree, available in 2 sizes and loads of colours, Pip is the perfect storage for rings, necklaces, jewellery, keys & mobile phones – Pip even has a few leaves that store pierced earings and plenty of space in the tray base for heavier items.

koziol pip large black trinket tree

Last but by no means least is Cora, the latest in jewellery storage. This pretty tree was inspired by coral in the ocean and the way it moves. Made from recyclable translucent plastic with a solid colour base, Cora is perfect storage for bathrooms, leave jewellery, watches etc all safe & dry while you shower or bathe

5265109 koziol cora turquoise jewellery stand

All of these items are available in various colours and are all under £20 – so everyone can enjoy an affordable and stylish Christmas. Keep checking back for more gift ideas next week!

Kitchen Kings


It’s nearly November and lots of people have started thinking gifts and even considering the ‘C’ word. We know it’s early but Christmas does have a way or creeping up on you, one minute it’s weeks away and the next it’s a few days! So we’ve decided to start a list of great gifts, Kitchen Kings is our first we’ll add a new idea or two each week to hopefully inspire and help. We all know Christmas is a whole lot less stressful when you’ve made your mind up what to buy.

So number 1, Herby Brothers – Protect fingers whilst finely chopping herbs with this fun pair. They see-saw over herbs, chocolate, dried fruits, peppers and sundried tomatoes slicing as they rock, taking away all the effort leaving you with sliced & diced herbs or veggies.

Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic with a stainless steel blade, the Herby Brothers are designed and made in Germany. These stylish brothers will raise a smile every time they’re used. Presented in a clear gift box, making them easy to wrap, Herby Brothers are a perfect gift for both men and women who love to cook.

That’s all for now, more great gift ideas later this week…

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

6235305 koziol black forest snow globe

A new update on one of Koziol’s very first products, Black Forest is the latest snow globe from the Koziol factory. The First ever Dream Globe was designed in 1950, when on his drive home Bernhard saw a deer pause in the middle of the road in his rear view mirror. Due to the curved shaped of his VW Beetle rear window and the snow falling around the deer, the Dream Globe was born!

This Black Forest version features a striking black stag in the centre and is filled with pure Odenwald spring water, straight from the factory well. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, they’re already proving to be popular, so get your Dream Globe while you can, we’ve got a feeling they won’t be around for long!

Limited Editions


Check out these fab new sized Babell cake stands, inbetween the regular size cake stand and the Baby Babell, this medium size is perfect for mince pies, canapés, cakes, biscuits and any other finger foods. In three lush winter colours with a pearlised sparkly finish they’ll be much admired and right at home on any Christmas party table.

As with all the other colours and sizes of Babell this medium sized stand is made from food safe 100% recyclable plastic, stacks in reverse for space saving storage and is top shelf dishwasher safe. The stand breaks down so each piece can be used independently, perfect for parties and family gatherings.

The hardest choice to make is which colour to go for!
Get it now while you can, this medium sized stand is a limited edition run just for Christmas.

Koziol Party Season

With Christmas and the party season fast approaching we’ve all started to think about presentation and how we can make things look the best they can be, thankfully Koziol are ahead of the game and have got it covered. From the Babell Cake Stand to the Pip Party Pick Set with Koziol’s help your Christmas party will be the most stylish for miles!

Koziol, better design – bigger smile


Koziol Christmas Advent

This year those clever creatives at Koziol have made this gorgeous advent calendar. It consists of 24 Lilli bags each numbered 1 to 24 in silver and some ribbon to tie them up. What a lovely change from the usual advent calendars, and this one can be used again and again. Fill the bags with chocolates, cookies or even tiny gifts to be opened each day.