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Father’s Day Gift List

Father’s Day is almost upon us – Sunday 19th! If you haven’t already decided upon a gift for your dad then this is the blog for you! We’ve gathered together our favourite Koziol dad gifts with price tags to suit all budgets to inspire you…

john smart phone holder lifestyle

koziol orange aroma to go cup

Packshot, Still


Packshot, Still


3211526 koziol sahsa knife black lge



So don’t forget dad this weekend, show him the love he deserves and treat him to something he’ll love forever.


Top 5 Stocking Fillers

With December here it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! There’s lots of Christmas shoppers about, some people are even telling us that they’ve finished?! Far too organised (we’re secretly just very jealous!) So to lend a hand and offer up some inspiration, even if it’s just for us!

Here’s our top selling 5 stocking fillers, all £10 and under.


Mimi Cat Tea Strainer

Mimi Cat Tea Strainer

At only £6.50 Mimi Tea strainer is a big hit. Just fill this cute kitty with your favourite brew then pop her into your cup or mug, her paws will hook over the edge then add hot water to enjoy a perfect brew every-time!


Pip set of 6 cocktail stirrers

This set of 6 bird cocktail stirrers are just perfect for those family and friend gatherings over the festive period. Each set of six contains a mix of colours, so they can be used as glass markers and their extra long tails are great for reaching to the bottom of tall drinks. Pip cocktail stirrers are just £7.00 a set.

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers

Made to cover cups and glasses when eating outdoors these Leaf On bowls have also become a huge hit at parties, when people are standing. Pop a Leaf bowl over your glass and it can be used for snacks, nibbles and finger foods. Each pack of 4 contains a mix of colours so they can also be used as drink identifiers too.

Leaf On set of 4 glass covers are £7.75 a set

6212446.jpg happiness dream globe

Happiness Dream Globe

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive scene. This Happiness snow globe is the perfect way to set that scene. Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, each snow globe is made using spring water from the Odenwald well. So let it snow this Christmas with the Happiness Dream Globe £10

Ringo Mouse ring holder

Ringo Mouse ring holder

Let Ringo look after your rings, his extra long tail has plenty of storage room and his pre-pierced ears can even store a pair of earings. Place beside sinks in kitchens and bathrooms or use in the bedroom and you’ll never lose your rings again! Available in various colours,  Ringo is just £7.25. He’s the only mouse I’d like to find in my stocking!

So there we have it, we ho ho hope we’ve helped!


Happiness Dreams

6212446.jpg happiness dream globe

Spread a little happiness this Christmas with this funky Dream Globe! Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, each snow globe is made using Odenwald spring water from the Koziol factory well. This Happiness Dream Globe features three deer set against a starry sky, just shake to make it snow and set this glorious winter scene.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some snow!


Heart Warming Helpers

Who doesn’t appreciate a little help every now & then? These lovely ladies are always ready to leap into action, whether it’s brewing your tea, storing your herbal tea bag or holding onto that afternoon cookie, Mimi, April and Lilli will melt your heart this winter.

Mimi cat tea strainer fits inside your cup, with her paws perched over the edge. Fill Mimi with your favourite brew then just add water.



April Cup Carryall, is decorated with a pretty flower and like Mimi perches on your cup. But this pretty lady perches on the outside of cups, holding onto your herbal tea bag when your tea is brewed, your afternoon cookie or a sugar cube.3549_APRIL

Last but not least from this trio of fabulousness is Lilli. A set of two bags that like April also attach to the outside of cups, perfect for sugar, tea bags and an afternoon biscuit. Ideal for when friends drop by, no need for a saucer to put your biscuit on, Lilli will come to rescue! She’s dishwasher safe and all of these heart warming helpers are made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic in Germany.



Hubert Needs a Home This Christmas


New for autumn/winter 2014 is Hubert. This stylish stag is a jewellery organiser, his extra large antlers have plenty of space for rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles and his pre-pierced ears will store a pair of earings. Made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, Hubert looks great even when he’s not draped in jewellery.


The Snow Queen meets Little Red Riding Hood & The Mad Hatter!

With the last of bank holidays over with before Christmas, it’s time to start thinking Autumn/Winter stock. Difficult I know to think of Christmas festivities and snow when the sun is shining, but the way we look at it is, at least the sun is shining!
This year the colour palette for Koziol’s Autumn/Winter is full of rich, strong colours that break down into four trends. First up is Star Money, a collection that can only be described as stellar, white and black mix with taupe and luxurious copper, like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Next is Little Red Riding Hood, so this one speaks for itself… bold and rich red mix with innocent white and stark black.

Number three is The Snow Queen. Again white features quite heavily but this time white is mixed with turquoise and blue, reminiscent of ice.

Finally is Alice in Wonderland, this is a collection of bright, fiery colours that will be perfectly at home at the Mad Hatters Tea Party! Red and orange rub shoulders with fuschia pink and taupe.


So there you have it, a peek at what to expect, fun products in glorious winter colours coming soon!

Father’s Day Inspiration

Yeay! June is here, the sun is shining and the start of summer is finally upon us. The arrival of June brings Father’s Day, that day when we celebrate good ole dad. With Father’s Day only a week away – it’s Sunday 15th June.
We thought we’d bring together some of our popular gift ideas for dads.

3213526 koziol kant black cheese slice

For the cheese loving Dad there’s Kant cheese knife, part of a range inspired by tools this axe style cheese knife is made from 100% recyclable plastic, it’s dishwasher safe and the extra sharp cutting edge will cut through all cheese, even a hard Italian cheese like Parmesan!

koziol mustard aroma to go insulated mug

Perfect for those dad’s who are always on the go, rushing out the door on a Monday morning for the commute to work. Aroma To Go mug means he can take his morning tea or coffee with him. This fun mug has a silicone band around the middle to protect hands and the lid has a smiling face on top.

koziol the herby brothers herb chopper

For dad’s that like to cook there’s The Herby Brothers. A herb chopper that will finely chop herbs by simply rocking over them in a see saw motion – fun and practical and lets be honest most dad’s love a gadget!

3713003 king bottle openers

Finally King bottle opener A bottle opener suitable for Royalty! These fun King bottle openers are available in three colours and at only £7.50 come in well under a tenner. A quirky yet practical gift that will make your dad smile which is what Father’s Day is all about.

An Apple A Day…

3217828 tyler green apple slicer

We all know we need to eat our five a day, it’s just some of us find it a little harder than others and I’m not just talking about children here, I certainly know plenty of grown-ups who kick up a fuss when faced with a plate of green things! They need a gimmick or an incentive to spur them on because sometimes a whole apple is a little too much to face.

Well to those people I say your prayers have been answered – meet Tyler!
This fun apple cutter slices apples into 9 manageable pieces, some are even bite sized! Perfect for encouraging kids big and small to eat up. What’s more Tyler cores apples at the same time, so need to nibble around pips. Tyler is so easy to use, position his smiling mouth over your apple and press down, voila! Apple slices ready to eat.

The Shadow of Salad

New for spring summer 2014 is this beautiful Shadow salad bowl and servers. Available in two colours, a white bowl with lime green servers or an anthracite bowl with black salad servers, this stylish set is made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic and both the bowl and servers are dishwasher safe. The beautiful and unusual design of the bowl allows the servers to slot into the cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl and it’s all presented in a smart gift box, making it an ideal present.

The distinctive cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl is carried through to the servers and the whole set has an abstract, natural nature feel to it. Designed by Rodolfo Argella, Shadow is a great addition to the Koziol catalogue, we just can’t decide which colour we like best!

3869100 koziol shadow green & white salad bowl

3869101 shadow anthracite salad bowl

Popular Pip Headlines

koziol pip salt & pepper birds in a tree

Keep your eyes peeled for Pip! These two seasoning birds have been ever so popular recently with lots of press interest. Obviously we can’t say we’re shocked, what’s not love? A fun pair of birds that sit in their tree until you need them to fly into seasoning action – they swoop down and sprinkle salt & pepper from their beaks then retire back to their respective perches until you need them again.

A souring seasoning sensation!