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Award Winning Coffee

Recently we blogged about our love of the Unplugged coffee maker, it appears we’re not the only ones as those clever design conscious people at Red Dot have awarded Unplugged the very prestigious 2012 Red Dot Award.


Not only that Unplugged’s clean way of hand-brewing each cup is sweeping America with New Yorker’s leading the way as the next big thing in the coffee-making process. This simple pour over coffee system is fast becoming the prefered choice for coffee lovers due to its fresh, clean and simple method, watch a short film here to see for yourself.

If you fancy trying an award-winning coffee there’s still time to win your very own Unplugged in this months competition, enter here and join the coffee revolution!




We just love the simplicity of Unplugged; a coffee machine perfect for making just one cup of coffee, all you need is a filter, hot water and some coffee, what could be simpler? Unplugged is also a friend to the environment, it doesn’t use any power and all waste is biodegradable

Available in four delicious colours the hard part is choosing your favourite!