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Hello Kitty!

The Autum/Winter catalogue dropped onto our doormat earlier this week.  I know we haven’t had summer yet, but orders have to be placed so we’re often thinking about Christmas in July & August. As it is still officially July we don’t want to talk too much about the ‘C’ word but we do want to share these guys with you…


New for 2015 is this cat inspired range. We love them and think that they’ll be very popular, sitting alongside customer favourites like Mimmi and Miaou we’ll be in kitty heaven!

More news to follow until then have a purr-fect weekend!


Aloha Giovanni

Lets talk eggs! Who doesn’t love a perfectly scrambled egg on toast, a cooked to perfection poached egg perched on asparagus or the humble but you just can’t beat,  dippy egg and toast soldiers. In an effort to achive this perfection Koziol have created a few tools to help us out!

Aloha is an egg cooker that you can lower into the pan, pop in your egg and wait 3 minutes (or however long it takes to make your preffered boiled egg) then simply lift out those eggs without fear of burning hands or dropping eggs.


And there’s a fun version for the kids, meet Buggy! Buggy, like Aloha can also be used in the pan to cook the eggs. There’s a handle with a hooked end that fits over the edge of the pan, then once your egg is cooked Buggy can be transported to the table and used as an egg cup. Practical and fun!

3093583.jpg raspberry buggy egg cooker egg cup

Finally there’s Giovanni. A stand alone egg slicer that can also be used to slice Mozzarella cheese. Pop your peeled boiled egg or ball of Mozzarella cheese into Giovann’s oversized open smiling mouth and then close to reveal a prefectly sliced egg or mozzarella for your salad or sandwiches.


So there you have it! Tools to acheive egg perfection time and time again.


Get Your Pink on!

3569584 aroma to go pink thermal mug

From 17th October for seven days we will be donating a percentage of every pink item sold in the shop to Breast Cancer research. So every time someone buys a pink Del bin, a pink Miaou cat ring holder or a pink Babell cake stand we’ll donate a percentage of each sale, you’ll be helping people whilst shopping, what’s easier than that?

So from 17 -24 Think Pink!

The Snow Queen meets Little Red Riding Hood & The Mad Hatter!

With the last of bank holidays over with before Christmas, it’s time to start thinking Autumn/Winter stock. Difficult I know to think of Christmas festivities and snow when the sun is shining, but the way we look at it is, at least the sun is shining!
This year the colour palette for Koziol’s Autumn/Winter is full of rich, strong colours that break down into four trends. First up is Star Money, a collection that can only be described as stellar, white and black mix with taupe and luxurious copper, like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Next is Little Red Riding Hood, so this one speaks for itself… bold and rich red mix with innocent white and stark black.

Number three is The Snow Queen. Again white features quite heavily but this time white is mixed with turquoise and blue, reminiscent of ice.

Finally is Alice in Wonderland, this is a collection of bright, fiery colours that will be perfectly at home at the Mad Hatters Tea Party! Red and orange rub shoulders with fuschia pink and taupe.


So there you have it, a peek at what to expect, fun products in glorious winter colours coming soon!

Pizza the Action

We all love a slice of pizza, whether it’s the tradional margarita or a more exotic topping, pizza is one of the worlds favourite foods. As every pizza lover knows, you need a good pizza cutter to cut the perfect slice and Kant is definitely up there – in fact Kant pizza cutter along with the cheese knife has been nominated for for the German Design Awards in 2015!

3221526 koziol kant black pizza cutter

This non-breakable pizza cutter is made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic, it has an extra sharp cutting edge, but without a blade so it’s safe for children to use. The textured design at the top of the cutter provides a perfect grip so you can rock your way through pizzs thick or thin, cutting the perfect slice after slice after slice


Autumn Winter 2014 Snapshot

I know it’s the middle of summer but this is when the Koziol Autumn Winter collection is released, as we all really don’t want to start to think about Christmas and winter just yet I’ve selected a few products so you get an idea of what’s to come.
I’ve chosen two new products to show you and one current product in the winter 2014 colour palette – which is very stylish by the way! So first up is Leaf salad bowl with the integrated servers the ever stylish bowl with new coloured copper & stone servers, how gorgeous is this?!


Next up is a new product, meet Nick! A set of party picks with a tree stand, like Pip but Nick is a squirrel and the other picks are topped with acorns that he’s stashed for winter. Perfect for parties or friend and family gatherings, Nick is great for spearing finger foods, olives and canapés.


Finally another new product, James Cook! A fun smiling spoon rest, James will protect surfaces and catch any drips – an all ’round gent.


So there you have it, a little peek at the treats to come, watch this space for updates!

To Have & To Hold

Wedding season is upon us – we’ve already been to one wedding this year! From June it really hots up, in more ways than one! It’s not uncommon for us to have customers buying a wedding present the day before the wedding, we’ve even had people in on their way to the wedding, now that really is leaving it to the last minute! Thankfully we are used to this and have a list of top 5 wedding presents, so here they are…

In at number 1 is the Leaf Salad Bowl and integrated servers. A beautiful and stylish salad bowl that was inspired when designer Cairn Young was on holiday in Tuscany; after his delicious dinner, he sat back satisfied and rested his linked hands upon his full tummy sparking the idea of the linked servers that fit in the base of the Leaf bowl.

3691101 koziol leaf anthracite salad bowl with servers

Number 2 is also a salad bowl, but this time it’s the new to this season Shadow Salad Bowl This gorgeous bowl comes with servers that slot into the cut out design on the edge of the bowl. Shadow also comes in a smart gift box, making it easy-peasy to wrap.

3869100 koziol shadow green & white salad bowl

Number 3 is the super stylish Silk wall clock. A very striking design that will be at home in even the most stylish of homes. Available in various colours, this too is presented in a smart gift box.

Packshot, Still

Number 4 is Eve bowl. The gorgeous curves and unusual design mean this bowl can be used as a decorative item or for storing fruit. Available in various colours, Eve is presented in a smart gift box.

Packshot, Still

Finally last but by no means least is Meeting Point kitchen utensils and stand. A set of 5 utensils that hang on a central stand, when hung these cheeky chaps appear to be sticking out their tongues. All the utensils can withstand temperatures upto 220c/425f and they’re all dishwasher safe. This is also presented in a smart easy to wrap gift box!


So for wedding gift inspiration don’t forget we’re here to help!

The Shadow of Salad

New for spring summer 2014 is this beautiful Shadow salad bowl and servers. Available in two colours, a white bowl with lime green servers or an anthracite bowl with black salad servers, this stylish set is made from 100% recyclable BPA and melamine free plastic and both the bowl and servers are dishwasher safe. The beautiful and unusual design of the bowl allows the servers to slot into the cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl and it’s all presented in a smart gift box, making it an ideal present.

The distinctive cut-out pattern on the edge of the bowl is carried through to the servers and the whole set has an abstract, natural nature feel to it. Designed by Rodolfo Argella, Shadow is a great addition to the Koziol catalogue, we just can’t decide which colour we like best!

3869100 koziol shadow green & white salad bowl

3869101 shadow anthracite salad bowl

Happy Easter from Koziol!


Easter is upon us already, so we’d just like to wish you all a lovely long weekend and may the Easter bunny deliver many chocolate eggs at your door!

Happy Easter everyone!


International Happiness Day

Here at Koziol we’re all about happy, the factory is even called the Happiness Factory! This year International Happiness Day also coincides with the first official day of spring ( not that you’d know it in Harrogate, winter seems to have returned!) So we thought we’d share some of our ‘happy’ products, you know those ones that just make you smile every time you use them!


Who wouldn’t smile when using Sunny? His smiling face will add a little ray of sunshine to your day as Sunny helps open screw top bottles.


These chaps make me smile every day. Meeting Point are a set of 5 utensils that when hung on their stand appear to be sticking out their tongue. Useful and practical, the utensils can withstand temperatures up to 220c/425f and they’re dishwasher safe – that’s definitely worth a smile!

koziol mustard aroma to go insulated mug

Finally Aroma to Go, what better way to start your day then enjoying your morning coffee or tea in this fabulous thermal mug complete with smiling face lid! Come on you’ve got to admit at least one if not all of those products made you smile, making your day that little bit more fun and that has to be a good thing!