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Sneaky Peek Preview

One of the ranges we saw at the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt a few weeks ago was a new kitchen basics range. A series of everyday items made from 100% recyclable plastic (like all Koziol products) Simple shapes and designs that provide the perfect tool for the job.

From a pizza cutter and cheese knife to a finger guard and bread knife they’ve got the everyday covered.


Our personal favourite is the Sasha Knife, designed by Leif Ravn Hansen. The Sasha knife was inspired by the Ulu knives of Greenland’s Inuit. Traditionally these knives were carved from bone or ivory, so the blade and knife were one whole, this modern update is made in the traditional style but with a modern state of the art material. We look forward to their arrival and to hearing your feedback!



Spring In Our Step

The days are getting longer, the birds are tweeting and the Crocuses are appearing, Spring is definitely on it’s way! With Spring comes all those lovely bright colours, pops of pink, yellow and lime green and new products too! After the past two months of trade shows some of those lovely new products are starting to arrive and take pride of place on our shelves. Here’s a round up of our favourite Spring/summer 2014 products




Soon to be available in our Harrogate shop or online, watch this space!

Weekend in Frankfurt

As regular readers will know we went to the Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt last weekend. After a very early start we landed a little bleary eyed at the show a little after midday. This is the biggest trade fair we’ve ever seen, there are 12 halls and each hall has three floors! It’s so big there’s a mini bus that takes people between the halls! We breathe a sigh of relief that we both packed comfortable shoes and set of with map in hand.

Being a German run show everything was laid out perfectly, all similar types of suppliers and stock are kept together, with excellent signage and regular coffee shops or ice cream vendors to break up the journey. With so much to see though there was no time for too many stops, we had a lots of ground to cover! I have to say we’re glad we did, we saw the fabulous new season products and the stands were amazing, of course the Koziol stand was our favourite!

leaf new colours



We particularly loved the seaside scape made from Del bins stacked upside down to create lighthouses with Surf bathroom storage rolling in the waves of the sea. Plus how much fun is Miller? The cute little windmill salt or pepper grinder.

At 6.30pm we boarded the Koziol bus to the Glucksfabric (the factory) for the annual party that Stefan and his son Daniel throw for their stockists and reps from all far flung corners of the world. Of course we took another spin through the museum, too good not to! But then settled down to some delicious food and drinks, to enjoy the band & to put faces to the names we email every week.
Three trips to the buffet and 2 glasses of wine later it’s time to get the bus back into Frankfurt. We finally make our way back to the hotel, after missing the tram and fall into bed well after midnight.

Sunday morning, we manage to miss the tram again! Must get a timetable next time! And end up walking to the exhibition, nice to get some fresh air though after being inside all day yesterday. We tackle the halls today that we need to see and didn’t make yesterday before we have to leave for our flight and head home to rest our weary feet.
All in all a very successful trip and well worth the tired feet!

Ambiente Here We Come!

This weekend we’ll be heading off to Frankfurt for the Ambiente trade show. It’s the first time we’ve been and we’re really excited! We can’t wait to see the Koziol Spring/Summer products in the flesh (so to speak) So far we’ve only seen the lovely images in the supplement catalogue. We’ll also have a chance to see the new range of everyday kitchen cookware that Koziol are launching this year, plus the new colour palette, which features tropical fiesta colours alongside Cuban summer, a lovely mix of bold colours from turquoise, lilac, hot pink, red, orange, mustard green and apple green.

So here’s a little sneak preview photograph for you, featuring Cornetto ice cream dish with I-scoop, a free standing ice cream scoop


Bring on summer!