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The Aroma of Coffee


Perfect mornings start with a relaxing coffee in your favourite cup or mug enjoyed with a leisurely breakfast, maybe a read of the paper or whilst listening to your chosen radio station. Sadly not all mornings can be perfect. There are those mornings when you’re lucky that you manage to comb your hair or put on shoes before leaving the house. Those rushed ‘I’m going to be late’ mornings are not really the way most of us want to begin our days but sometimes they just happen.

Those mornings are the ones where we really need that coffee and breakfast but we rush out of the door unable to spare the time. That’s when Aroma To Go really comes into action. This fun mug has a snug fitting lid so you can take your morning coffee (or tea) with you and because it’s thermal it’ll keep your drink hotter for longer!

koziol raspberry aroma to go insulated cup

When you do have the time to have that leisurely coffee then nothing beats a lovely large Aroma Latte cup. New additions to the colour palette for 2016 is mint green and cool grey, both lovely relaxing colours that will ease you into your day.




The Snow Queen meets Little Red Riding Hood & The Mad Hatter!

With the last of bank holidays over with before Christmas, it’s time to start thinking Autumn/Winter stock. Difficult I know to think of Christmas festivities and snow when the sun is shining, but the way we look at it is, at least the sun is shining!
This year the colour palette for Koziol’s Autumn/Winter is full of rich, strong colours that break down into four trends. First up is Star Money, a collection that can only be described as stellar, white and black mix with taupe and luxurious copper, like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Next is Little Red Riding Hood, so this one speaks for itself… bold and rich red mix with innocent white and stark black.

Number three is The Snow Queen. Again white features quite heavily but this time white is mixed with turquoise and blue, reminiscent of ice.

Finally is Alice in Wonderland, this is a collection of bright, fiery colours that will be perfectly at home at the Mad Hatters Tea Party! Red and orange rub shoulders with fuschia pink and taupe.


So there you have it, a peek at what to expect, fun products in glorious winter colours coming soon!

An Apple A Day…

3217828 tyler green apple slicer

We all know we need to eat our five a day, it’s just some of us find it a little harder than others and I’m not just talking about children here, I certainly know plenty of grown-ups who kick up a fuss when faced with a plate of green things! They need a gimmick or an incentive to spur them on because sometimes a whole apple is a little too much to face.

Well to those people I say your prayers have been answered – meet Tyler!
This fun apple cutter slices apples into 9 manageable pieces, some are even bite sized! Perfect for encouraging kids big and small to eat up. What’s more Tyler cores apples at the same time, so need to nibble around pips. Tyler is so easy to use, position his smiling mouth over your apple and press down, voila! Apple slices ready to eat.

Visit To The Happiness Factory Part One

Popular Pip Headlines

koziol pip salt & pepper birds in a tree

Keep your eyes peeled for Pip! These two seasoning birds have been ever so popular recently with lots of press interest. Obviously we can’t say we’re shocked, what’s not love? A fun pair of birds that sit in their tree until you need them to fly into seasoning action – they swoop down and sprinkle salt & pepper from their beaks then retire back to their respective perches until you need them again.

A souring seasoning sensation!




Leaf In The Press!


The beautiful Leaf Bowl is to featured in Oprah magazine this June! This smart salad bowl with integrated servers is one of our personal favourites, beautiful, stylish and practical; we’re so glad that everyone else is feeling the same. Designed by London-based designer Cairn Young, this bowl was inspired after eating a delicious meal whilst on holiday in Tuscany. The designer sat back to relax in his chair and rested his hands onto his full tummy, inspiring the linked servers in the base of the bowl.

Salad never looked so good! Don’t forget to check out this stylish beauty in the O list this June.

Award Winning Coffee

Recently we blogged about our love of the Unplugged coffee maker, it appears we’re not the only ones as those clever design conscious people at Red Dot have awarded Unplugged the very prestigious 2012 Red Dot Award.


Not only that Unplugged’s clean way of hand-brewing each cup is sweeping America with New Yorker’s leading the way as the next big thing in the coffee-making process. This simple pour over coffee system is fast becoming the prefered choice for coffee lovers due to its fresh, clean and simple method, watch a short film here to see for yourself.

If you fancy trying an award-winning coffee there’s still time to win your very own Unplugged in this months competition, enter here and join the coffee revolution!

April’s Come Early

We know it’s only March but April has arrived in force already at Koziol! This pretty little flower is adorning all kinds of fun must have products; from Cup Carryalls to Scissor Holders,  April’s blossoming everywhere!


Bring spring into your home early with April!



We just love the simplicity of Unplugged; a coffee machine perfect for making just one cup of coffee, all you need is a filter, hot water and some coffee, what could be simpler? Unplugged is also a friend to the environment, it doesn’t use any power and all waste is biodegradable

Available in four delicious colours the hard part is choosing your favourite!

Koziol Party Season

With Christmas and the party season fast approaching we’ve all started to think about presentation and how we can make things look the best they can be, thankfully Koziol are ahead of the game and have got it covered. From the Babell Cake Stand to the Pip Party Pick Set with Koziol’s help your Christmas party will be the most stylish for miles!

Koziol, better design – bigger smile